As this site is mainly "in the works" please have a look at my main website here. Really, it doesn't matter whether you need a website, mobile app, or even your physical computer repaired: I probably can do it. If you need to dictate "HOW" I do it that is an entirely different matter. For example, if you said build me a website and you must use Java as the server-side language I'd say see you later (not because Java isn't great, it surely is, I just don't have experience using it). If you said make my iPhone app using the programming language Objective-C, because I've heard nice things about it, you say to me. Again, no way, I will only use Xamarin and maybe, if you really need it, the Cordova framework.

If you're an expat with a technology problem (or even a local Dominican) please give me a holler, as I'm sure that I can help you with your website, network, app, or computer. That isn't to say that I speak every "language" the various hardware and software/operating systems can use. However, I know a good four or five, and have strong fundamentals in network and web technology. So, I've got a solid base from which to work and can usually point you in the right direction even I can't solve your particular problem.